What Is Broken Beauty?

“Somebody is waiting on you to tell your story. To share how you’re being rescued. To share how scary it is but how beautiful it is. So take a step. Confess the beautiful and broken. It happens one word at a time.” –Anne Jackson

If someone asked for a title for my story, “Broken Beauty” is how I’d characterize it. My 20s were a decade of loss: divorce, miscarriage, infidelity, addiction, and sexual dysfunction coincided within a six-year period. I wasn’t ready – of course, you never are – to deal with any of those demons, but I worship a God who brings me through everything, pursues me really, with inexhaustible passion and hope. The mosaic of pain has turned out to be a masterpiece held together by the grace of a compassionate Savior. Every post on this blog is an offering of worship to my great, great God; it is created for an audience of one. But I sincerely desire that my reflections bring you hope and peace and point you to the all-powerful Redeemer who orchestrated it all out of his endless love. He has given this infertile woman four children, two from my heart and two from my womb. He has set me free from the crippling grasp of food addiction. He has restored my capacity for marital intimacy and given me a beautiful husband. He has healed my very broken heart. And he blesses me every day with the strength, joy, and power I need to live in complete freedom.

He loves you that much, too.

So may the beautifully broken among us lift our eyes and shout our stories in acknowledgement of the magnificence of Jesus Christ, our Lord. He is our Redeemer. He is all we need.


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